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Hello 4B and 4B Parents

Some Wednesday Reminders:
1. We got back our Canada quiz today. Please sign it and send it back to school!

2. Tomorrow is the Terry Fox Run - It is a non uniform day, but please wear appropriate walking and running clothes.

3. Our 'Show What You Know' is this Friday! 

Taschlich at Kits Beach

All the grade 4's went to Kitsilano beach to do Taschlich - We threw bread crumbs in the water, which represents washing away our wrongs and bad habits. 

Wednesday Reminders

Hello Blog Readers! 
Today we got our first piece of homework. The problem of the week (POTW) is due on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.These problems are suppose to be challenging, so please help us in solving them.

As well, next Friday, September 29, we are having our first 'Show What You Know'. It's 20 questions on adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers! We have been practicing a lot in class - test us at home and see how good we are at it!


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Canada Quiz

Our first quiz will be on the provinces and territories of Canada. It is on Tuesday, September 26. We will have lots of time to practice in class but please review it with us! Spelling is important :)

For practice click here or here!

Hard At Work

We used our computers for the first time today! We explored a program called Typing Club  and typed up our good copy for our "Best Part of Me"paragraph.

Our first few days of grade 4

Over the first two days we worked on drawing self portraits, getting our laptops sorted out, starting our first Language Arts project and getting our blog up and running. It's been fun getting to know our classmates and learning the ropes of 4B!

May the fourth (grade) be with us!


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We're back!