Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School?

Today we discussed if cell phones should be allowed in class. 4B started off by talking to each other in small groups about what we initially thought. Next we came together as a class to discuss all the pros and cons of having them in school. We then read an article and answered some questions to see if we could be persuaded into changing our minds. Here are some pro's and con's the class came up with.

Cell phones SHOULD be allowed in school to:
- play music independently and keep focused when doing work
- drown out background noise
- play strategy games when we are finished our work early
- tell our parents when we get to school, or if we want to organize a friend hangout
- have in case of emergency
- save the school money to buy outside equipment

Cellphones SHOULD NOT be allowed in school because
- they are distracting during lessons
- not everyone has one
- we need an electronic break during the day
- we will spend less time socializing with our peers


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