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Homework - Outstanding Canadians

Hello 4B blog readers,

We are doing a short 2 -3 minute presentation about an outstanding Canadian. Each student is coming home with a Canadian that they chose to research about. Over the weekend, please do some research and chat with your child about why this person is outstanding and some interesting facts about them. In class we will create a photo board or powerpoint to go along with their short speech.

Have a great long weekend!!

Kicking It Math

Hello Parents and Blog Readers,

This year we are going to be spending time practicing and learning our multiplication facts. We will be working on these facts until we know all the facts in this operation instantly. We will be using a fun and motivating program called 'Kicking It Math!' It will take only a few minutes on Wednesdays and Fridays and will help students master their multiplication facts.

A fact is mastered when it can be answered instantly, without any pause. 'Kicking It Math!' is unique because it teaches only 2 facts and their reverse at each level. For example 6x3, 3x6, 4x5 and 5x4. The program allows each child to go at his or her own pace, taking as many days to master those two facts as needed. Students are given an opportunity in class to show they have learnt a set of facts by passing a quiz. Once students pass a set of facts they colour in a belt for that set on their 'Belt Chart'. Once they have passed four levels they will earn a colour…

Sunny The Gecko

Hi Parents,
As a way to conclude our adaptation unit we will be having Sunny, the African fat tailed gecko visit our classroom. This will allow students to see an animal with natural camouflage and adaptation abilities. Sunny is a pet of fellow grade four teacher Mr. Knight, and is completely harmless. Sunny has worked with children his entire life. He was a classroom pet in a pre-school for 7 years and then worked 2 years touring many schools with Mike the Critter Guy.
If you have any further questions about either of these events, please feel free to email me! We will definitely be recording Sunny's visit and posting some photos on our blog.

Math Update

This Monday, November 20, 2017 students if 4B will be having a math quiz on patterning, adding, subtracting and rounding. Following this quiz we will be focusing in on learning the multiplication (and division) facts to 12X12. We will use a variety of strategies to learn and remember these facts. To reinforce the concepts at home, you and your child can work on some at-home activities such as these:

- Look for things that come in 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, dozens, and ask then answer questions such as, "Our house has 5 front steps. How many front steps would 6 houses like ours have?"

- Use division to show how to share packages or sets of objects equally among family members. For example, "This package has 24 perogies. Each person in our family can have 6 perogies because 24 divided by 4 = 6."

- Locate items that combine arrays and identify the multiplication and division facts for each array. For example, a carton of eggs shows an array. The related facts are 2X6 = 12, 6X2=…

Our Marble Party!

This Friday, November 17th we are having our very first marble party! This party will happen anytime we fill the jar for good behaviour, attentive listening and generally just being awesome!

For our party we are making a comfy kingdom. 4B came up with the idea to bring in comfy blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. If that is to much to bring to school, a stuffy will be just fine!

We are so excited to celebrate our good behaviour!

Fun With Games

Fun With Games 4Binsider

Ya Bingo!

Math shoot

Card Games

please keep checking the blog for more posts! also We're having a 100 marble party for more
details check the other blog posts.

Student Feature

Hi I'm Sophie and I'm awesome and I'm Hannah and I'm also awesome. We're the editors of the week.

Hello blog readers

Here's what we have going on throughout the month
Thursday November 17 - We have special guest Jesse Miller coming in to talk to us about media literacy, and how to use the internet responsibly. 
Friday November, 18 - Short Friday!                                     - MARBLE JAR PARTY - 4B has filled our marble jar, and we are going to                                         celebrate our awesome behaviour! 
Monday November, 27 - Math Quiz: On patterning, rounding, adding and subtracting
Wednesday Nov 29 and Thurs Nov 30 - parent/teacher confrences

Student Feature

Every couple of weeks our blog will showcase a "Student Feature". Each week editors and photographers are assigned to cover the news at school. Using a digital camera, the editors and photographer work together to show our blog readers what we have been doing in class and on the playground.

We hope you enjoy it! 

Our Science Projects

Those were our science projects! We are the editors for our class this week -Rachel and Josh