Kicking It Math

Hello Parents and Blog Readers,

This year we are going to be spending time practicing and learning our multiplication facts. We will be working on these facts until we know all the facts in this operation instantly. We will be using a fun and motivating program called 'Kicking It Math!' It will take only a few minutes on Wednesdays and Fridays and will help students master their multiplication facts.

A fact is mastered when it can be answered instantly, without any pause. 'Kicking It Math!' is unique because it teaches only 2 facts and their reverse at each level. For example 6x3, 3x6, 4x5 and 5x4. The program allows each child to go at his or her own pace, taking as many days to master those two facts as needed. Students are given an opportunity in class to show they have learnt a set of facts by passing a quiz. Once students pass a set of facts they colour in a belt for that set on their 'Belt Chart'. Once they have passed four levels they will earn a coloured belt token for their binder until they become black belts in multiplication.

You can help your child progress and learn faster by practicing at home. Your child will bring home belts with different multiplication facts. These facts represent the multiplication questions for the belt. After passing four different quizzes with the same facts, they will bring home a new belt to practice with.

Learning all the facts in an operation is a lot of work, but future success in math is dependent upon knowing facts so well that the answers come automatically without much thinking. You can also help by sharing with your child the importance of learning facts.

We are excited to get this program started. Thanks in advance for your support!


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