Math Update

This Monday, November 20, 2017 students if 4B will be having a math quiz on patterning, adding, subtracting and rounding. Following this quiz we will be focusing in on learning the multiplication (and division) facts to 12X12. We will use a variety of strategies to learn and remember these facts. To reinforce the concepts at home, you and your child can work on some at-home activities such as these:

- Look for things that come in 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, dozens, and ask then answer questions such as, "Our house has 5 front steps. How many front steps would 6 houses like ours have?"

- Use division to show how to share packages or sets of objects equally among family members. For example, "This package has 24 perogies. Each person in our family can have 6 perogies because 24 divided by 4 = 6."

- Locate items that combine arrays and identify the multiplication and division facts for each array. For example, a carton of eggs shows an array. The related facts are 2X6 = 12, 6X2=12, 12/6=2, 12/2=6. 

- If you have a pet, figure out the age of your pet in "human" years. Every year a cat lives, it ages 5 human years. Every year a dog lives, it ages 7 human years.

- Flash cards are also a great way to get students excited about memorizing the multiplication facts. See how many they can get in 3 minutes, and watch them improve.

Also, visit and click on "multiplication games" for at-home practice. 


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