No Excuse Word List

At VTT we use the writing program, "Writing Powers", which dovetails with the "Reading Powers" program by Adrienne Gear. Though spelling continues to be important, we focus mainly on ideas, voice and fluency in writing. After noticing that students are struggling with basic spelling, we have decided to use Adrienne Gear's "No Excuse Words" so that students can spell high-frequency words with no trouble.

Students will be given a list of around 90 words that they will memorize over the next 4 weeks.

Each week students will be expected to practice spelling the words on the list and will be tested on Thursdays. The first test will be next Thursday, January 18, 2018.

The words for Week 1 are:

a, about, after, again, all, also, an, and, another, any, are, around, as, at, away, be, because, been, but, came, can, could, did, different, do, does, what, when, where, which is a great way to practice spelling words!


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