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Explorer Project

Hello Families,

As I'm sure you know, we have been spending a lot of time working on our explorer project for the Celebration of Learning. Please chat with your son or daughter about their assigned explorer; the explorer's life, voyage, as well as what artifacts they chose to put into their artifact box. Over the weekend please put together all the materials they may need and bring them into class by Tuesday, March 6th at the latest. We will assemble the artifacts and put the finishing touches on them at school. If there is something that needs to be crafted at home, please make sure it is in the classroom by Friday, March 9th. 4B is excited to show you all the hard work they have put into these projects at the Celebration of Learning on March 15th. 
Thanks for your support,



Please note that students are bringing home a permission slip for our upcoming field trip to Grouse Mountain. Please return the bottom section as soon as possible.
Thank you!


In math we are continuing to practice the multiplication facts for quick and accurate recall. Having a solid understanding of these facts allows the students to work through long division problems with confidence and ease. 
This week we began learning the steps involved in long division. Clickhereto learn the long division strategy taught at VTT. If your child works with a tutor, they might want to review the steps in their lessons. 

Reading Olympics

VTT students are participating in an exciting Olympic read-a-thon!  The goal is to read for enough minutes to get Mrs. Wright from Vancouver to Pyeongchang. Please encourage your child to read and sign off on their reading minutes, to help us achieve this goal! Ask your child or drop by the learning commons for more information!
Prizes will be awarded and additional entries can be made if your child emails me or Mrs. Wright pictures of family reading time at home!

Book Club Lauch

Today we kicked off our second term "Book Club" (literature circles). Students were place into reading groups and started reading one of several Adrienne Gear recommended Grade 4 novels.

Each week, your child is expected to:  - read the weekly chapters/pages - complete the weekly "Thinking Page"  - complete the weekly "Characters I Met" sheet - be prepared to engage in a small group discussion about the weekly reading
Meetings will take place on Fridays of each week.
Reading and related activities will be due on Fridays of each week.

The dates are:

February 9th
February 16th
February 23rd
March 2nd
March 8th
March 16th
March 23rd

Caribou Math Contest

Hi all,
The next Caribou contest will be held on Wednesday, Feb 14. The interactive question will beSkyscraperswhich students can practice now on the Cariboucontest games page below! All students are encouraged to come out and try!