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End of Term Party!

Tomorrow is our classes end of term party! We are trying to promote healthy eating at VTT, and are asking that if you want to send your child to school with snacks for the class, that it is somewhat healthy. Food like cheese and crackers, pretzels, fruit, vegetables, granola bars etc. Please no chips, candy or cookies.

Marshmellow Challenge

Yesterday, each group was given 20 pieces of spaghetti, tape, string and a marshmellow. The challenge was to create the tallest tower possible using the supplies given. The tower had to be freestanding, and the marshmallow had to be at the top. This activity was all about cooperation, collaboration and teamwork. 

Field Trip to Grouse

One of the highlights of Grade 4 is our field trip to Grouse Mountain for snowshoeing and a First Nations presentation. We couldn't have asked for better weather! Also, it was a bonus meeting the South African Rugby 7s team on the gondola!

Here are some more photos from our awesome day!

More Photos

Some more photos of our trip to grouse

Grouse Field Trip


Our field trip to Grouse Mountain is this Monday, March 12. Please send your child to school with a packed lunch and appropriate snow gear to snowshoe in. We will be leaving here at 8:45 am sharp and returning around 3:00pm.