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CPR Test

There is quiz on the positive and negatives of the Canadian Pacific Railway on Monday, June 4th. 

In class we have been learning effective ways to study for this quiz and future tests. Your child is coming home with some cue cards and a study sheet. Please encourage them to study for this test, as learning appropriate ways to study is a crucial skill.
Please focus on:
- positive and negative outcomes of the CPR - first Prime Minister of Canada - basic understanding of the treatment of Chinese labourers - founding provinces - the importance of the CPR in the expansion of Canada

A Day At The Space Centre



Dear Grade 4 Parents,

On Tuesday, June 12th, the Grade 4 students will be going to Big Splash Waterpark in Tsawwassen to celebrate a year of hard work! We will leave school at 9:20 and return by 3:00. Students will be bringing home a permission slip today outlining the details, and cost of the field trip! 

Looking forward to this exciting day!

Book Talk

4B will be preparing a "Book Talk", where they will have to convince their classmates why their favourite book is their favourite. The outline was given out yesterday, and students are in the beginning stages of planning an oral presentation. 

This project is due June 5th, and presentations will take place that week.

Field Trip to the Space Station

Hello 4B,

On Wednesday, May 23rd, the Grade 4 students will be visiting the planetarium to continue with their learning about the moon. Students will rotate through a number of hands-on workshops and watch an exciting play to further cement their knowledge about the solar system. We will be taking the bus at 9:30am from school and return by 1:00pm. Students must bring their lunch and water.

We are looking forward to this exciting day!

Lag B'omer

A couple photos from our morning at Queen Elizabeth Park

Phases of the Moon Quiz

Students demonstrated their understanding of the Moon Phases with the help of Oreo cookies. YUM!